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Company C, 3rd Battalion,
12th Special Forces Group, Airborne



1)  What's the deal with the red and white "59" favicon icon? 

Building 59 at AFRC Los Alamitos was C/3/12's home.  If you look carefully, you can see the original building sign in some of the unit photos.  In fact, the actual numbers from one of the photos were used in the creation of the icon.


2)  What browser is best to view the site with? 

Firefox and I.E. work fine, although Firefox is a more secure browser.  The site was designed to work well with all screen resolutions from 800x600 on up.


3)  Why aren't the faces masked in the galleries?  Isn't that a security violation?

No.  Most of C/3/12 personnel are retired.  Some are still operational.  The images you see in the galleries are unclassified and approved for release.









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